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"Blue Monroe" by Liu Dao
"Breakage 101" by Liu Dao
"What Lies Beyond the Wall" by Liu Dao "Bird Talk" by Liu Dao "Steaming Hot" by Liu Dao "Mehari Plage" by Liu Dao
"My Little Treasures" by Liu Dao
"Luminous Magnum Opus Nihonshu" by Liu Dao
"Remains of Future" by Liu Dao
"Blue Dream Quilt" by Liu Dao
"Electro-graphic Night" by Liu Dao
"What Lies Beyond the Wall" by Liu Dao
"Invisible Friend" by Liu Dao
"Little Love Rhapsody" by Liu Dao
"Cheongsam Kingdom" by Liu Dao
"Water Tank Rhapsody" by Liu Dao
"Pinwheel" by Liu Dao
"Thrown for a Loop" by Liu Dao
"Nagano Soba" by Liu Dao
"A Thick Concrete Line" by Liu Dao
"Was His" by Liu Dao "Uniform" by Liu Dao "Shine Inn" by Liu Dao "Mid-Autumn Sketches" by Liu Dao
"Cartoon City" by Liu Dao
"The Idea of Getting Out" by Liu Dao
"Waiting for the Next Ride" by Liu Dao "My Shirts Will Never Dry" by Liu Dao
"Hatamen" by Liu Dao
"Poème Symphonique for 433 Fish" by Liu Dao "The Tale of Quan Yin" by Liu Dao "Devil & Angel" by Liu Dao
"Turn Me ON" by Liu Dao "Dream Job" by Liu Dao
"Zhuangzi's Butterflies" by Liu Dao
"Intersection Reflection" by Liu Dao
"Moganshan Wall" by Liu Dao
"The Song of Zhou Xuan" by Liu Dao
"Lift the rudder to determine end play, rock it port to starboard to determine side play" by Liu Dao
"Shanghai's Belle Époque" by Liu Dao
"Lost Heaven" by Liu Dao
"The Art You See" by Liu Dao
"The Dog from the Other Room" by Liu Dao
"Jumping Silly" by Liu Dao

Liu Dao’s LED art techniques draw from each member of the collective, involving actors, models, directors, choreographers, cameramen, and computer programmers to produce the finished works. The information on the chip within the artwork is communicated by a signal passing through each LED unit, spreading like senses in the delicate framework of the human sensory system, through the physical world and into the mind. The images are presented in frames of all sizes as well as three-dimensional light towers featuring multi-surface displays.

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island6 is a philanthropic project founded by artists and managed by devoted creative staff. The spirit & driving force behind all of island6's works and art-forward exhibitions is collaboration.
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