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"Loose Change" by Liu Dao
TITLE "Loose Change" (零钱)
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA RGB LED display, acrylic painting, paper collage, teakwood frame
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
TECH SPECS • 1×MWLPV20-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT 5V@3A)
• 5×ELN-30-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.75A / OUTPUT 5V@5A)
• (9+1 spare)×RGB PH5-RGBV1.3(64×32)-16S-S3528-DQ / 140603004
EXPOSURE “Guilty As Sin” at island6 Bund
CREDITS Xu Yihan 徐义涵 (performance & painting) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Jean Le Guyader (documentation) • Guan Yan 官彦 (production supervisor) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor)

I do believe that I have successfully committed every sin one might have a chance to commit in the presence of temptation.  You might even say that I am rather fertile ground for the works of petty evil.  I have never been a particularly hard worker.  Sloth, check!  Mind you I am a handsome fellow.  So I have repeatably used my charms to obtain what I wanted and took everyone else for a fool.  Well, and as it goes, vanity and pride led to lust.  You see…those two tend to leach on to one another.  Yes, I had my share of love.  Don’t get excited.  Or do by all means.  All of it, physical and with purpose; money.  I tell you green is the color of greed and it suits me best.  And as I am standing here, angry at God and human laws, poisoned with the envy of the rich society whose member I used to be, I pity myself for it came to this!  I am ready to perform the least profitable robbery of all the time.  But why stop at the loose change?  I will have it all!  And I will burn for it. [Weronika Nossowicz]

STATUS Available. Please contact us for inquiries.
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