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"Say Ahhhhhh" by Liu Dao
TITLE "Say Ahhhhhh" (大喊)
KEYWORDS Cadence / Chroma | 音调 / 色调
ARTIST Liu Dao 六岛
MEDIA RGB LED display, acrylic painting, paper collage, sound sensor, 8-bit microcontroller, teakwood frame
DATE Made in island6, Shanghai 2014
SIZE 103.5(W)×103.5(H)×7.5(D) cm | 41(W)×41(H)×3(D) inches
TECH SPECS 6×ELN-30-5 (INPUT 100~240VAC@0.75A / OUTPUT 5V@5A)
1×MWLPV20-12 (INPUT 90~264VAC@0.55A / OUTPUT12V@1.67A)
9×RGB PH5-RGBV1-16S-S3528-DQ
WEIGHT UNCRATED: - kg | - lb • CRATED: - kg | - lb
CRATE SIZE -(W)×-(H)×-(D) cm | -(W)×-(H)×-(D) inches
EXPOSURE “Hybrid” curated by HONDA (Kenta Torimoto)
CREDITS Jin Yun 金云 (painting) • Thomas Charvériat (art direction & technical guidance) • Jean Le Guyader (documentation) • Ryan Nimmo (production assistant) • Yeung Sin Ching 杨倩菁 (production supervisor)

The record for loudest shout is held by a school teacher from Northern Ireland named Annalisa Flanagan and listed as being 121.7 decibels. This is very loud but means nothing if you don’t know about the decibel scale or what to compare it to. A whisper from five feet away is about a 20. Rainfall typically registers at 50 or so. The normal person listens to their television at about 70, which is only slightly lower than the average alarm clock or ringing phone (both of which are 80(ish). Your average blender or garbage disposal hovers at around 90. Really obnoxious noises begin at the 100 mark and include: crying babies, factory machinery, dog squeaky toys held close to the ear, and snow blowers. 121.7 is awfully high considering it’s right around the level of thunder, chain saws, ambulance sirens, jackhammers, power drills, car horns, or stadium football games. The highest level of common noises is around 170 and includes things like firecrackers and guns. A 5.0 earthquake registers around 235 and the highest ever recorded was the Tunguska meteor in 1908, which was 300-315. Yeah, 121.7 is high... but I think maybe you can do better. [Ryan Nimmo]

最响叫声的记录-121.7分贝,是由一个名叫Annalisa Flanagan的北爱尔兰教师保持的。如果你不清楚分贝标度或者拿它与什么比较,你不知道这巨响的叫声意味着什么。从5英尺外传来的低声细语是20分贝。雨滴声一般是50分贝左右。一般人看电视的分贝是70。而这仅仅稍微低于普通的钟声或者电话铃声(这两种声音都是80分贝左右)。你的搅拌机或者垃圾处理器发出的声音是大约90分贝。真正的令人厌恶的噪音大都高于100分贝,这包括:小孩的哭声,工厂的机器声,狗狗的叽叽玩具凑近耳朵的声音,和吹雪机声。121.7这种糟糕的分贝被认为是与打雷声,链锯声,汽车警笛声,手提钻,电钻,汽车喇叭声或者是足球场的欢呼声有不相上下的级别。最高分贝的叫声常见噪音是在170左右,如鞭炮声和枪声。5.0震级的地震是235分贝,而最高分贝记录是1908年的通古斯陨石大爆炸,其分贝值达300-315。对的,121.7分贝的确很高... 不过我觉得或许你可以制造更高的。

STATUS N/A. Private Collection, Vienna.
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