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Before we dive in to all the island6 goodness, we are delighted to extend an invitation to our new exhibition entitled “Noir Blanc.” We would love to see all your pretty little faces there! For those of you who won’t be in Shanghai, please scroll down for more tales of our recent adventures in Istanbul, Miami, Hong Kong and Bangkok (to name just a few).

"Noir Blanc" at island6 Shanghai Main Space

Here in our home base of Shanghai, it seems as though another sweltering summer has come and (almost) gone. island6 has been responsible for its own hearty share of heat recently and you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be keeping things white-hot long after the mercury drops and the pea-coats come out. We’ve had a gaggle of exhibition openings and events since last we spoke, not to mention a calendar chock-full of things rising over the horizon. We’ve even been named 2015’s “Best Art Gallery” in the City Weekend reader’s choice awards. Things are hot alright, fans of island6 have more things to look forward to right now than a young, white, upper-class male in America! So settle in and grab a stiff drink to accompany you while you dive headfirst into all the glorious deets. Providing the Shanghai stock market doesn’t completely crash, Liu Dao is inching towards complete global domination and the path is all laid out right here in the island6 Autumn newsletter.

"Noir Blanc" "Shanghai Drift" "Wallism" "Waiting for the Wild Forest" "Scope Miami 2015" "Post No Bills" "SISAE 2015"

And you can look forward to…

Number one with a colorless bullet would have to go to our aforementioned upcoming event, “Noir Blanc,” a tribute to the stark beauty of black and white on the evening of Thursday, September 24th from 6-10 pm. That’s right, tomorrow! This event will be held at our Main space in M50 and will be open to the public. With delicious draft beers complimentary of our sponsor Duvel I doubt we’ll be having to twist anyone’s arm to join us for this one…unless you’re in to that sort of thing. Either way, if you’re in Shanghai this week and looking for a wonderful time with great artworks and artwork lovers, please come join us!

And while we’re on the subject of things we’re into, Thursday, October 15th, Liu Dao will be into our humble little Garden abode with a very Shanghainese series of new art works. “Shanghai Drift” will present one of Liu Dao’s most personal collections to date. A mishmash of vignettes and ruminations on life in China’s most populated and intriguing city, you won’t want to miss this one. Be sure to mark it on your calendar with a thick red marker because, you know, red is good luck and all…


Another thing that is good luck: having a dynamic new pair of November shows on the agenda. Tuesday, November 3rd we’ll be taking our hijinks down to Hong Kong and opening the doors on a new show in our Sheung Wan gallery. We’ll present new and (as always) tantalizing pieces for the exhibition “Wallism” which will visually contemplate the trend of street-art's movement in the fine art world. Also, we certainly didn’t forget about our Bund gallery and you shouldn’t either! Friday, November 20th those glitzy, glamorous doors will be swung back open for “Waiting for the Wild Forest.” This exhibition examines and depicts the inevitable return to nature that all of these cities and skyscrapers will sooner or later be going through (hopefully later).

Just so long as the wild forests don’t take over before this coming December, we’ll be taking our show on an even further jaunt than Hong Kong this winter. Liu Dao will be showing in SCOPE Miami this upcoming December 1st to the 6th. We’ve done this event in the past with much success. It ought to be a devilishly delectable journey peppered with suntan lotion and bathing suits, hope to see you somewhere along the beach while we’re there!

"Dance of Desperado" "Stories on 9th" "Oh Be Gentle" "Choose Your Gutter" "Arms Racer" "Man Eater" "I, Myself"

What's been up…

August is usually one of the hottest months in Shanghai and the Liu Dao collective made sure this past one was positively sizzling with a street-art themed show in our Main space. “Post No Bills” opened to an amazing group of young art (and beer) lovers on August 14th. Besides incredible new works, the vernissage was also filled with mouth-watering food and drinks, the latter of which were provided by our incredible sponsor Vedett in the form of tall, delicious draft beers. All the proof you need can be found right here in the video re-cap.

Speaking of tall and delicious, most Shanghai residents (and anyone privy to the international art scene) would recognize the towering red columns of the China Art Museum. Liu Dao was recently given an opportunity to strut its stuff at this location, formerly used as the China pavilion in the 2010 expo. The Shanghai International Science & Art Exhibition 2015 (SISAE) took place from August 12th to the 21st and featured such irreverent works as “The Observer Effect,” “I'm New Here as Well,” and “Out to Sea on a Swing-Tree.” The guest list was a veritable who’s who of Shanghai VIP members such as the Vice Chairman of the China Association of Science and Technology, Shang Yong, Ying Yong, the Deputy Secretary of Shanghai, and Zhou Bo, the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai. As you can imagine, plenty of local and international media outlets covered the affair so you’re more than welcomed to see some video and photo recaps of the event if you were unable to make it.

Our 2015 calendar has had so many events written on it this year that it looks like a god-damned Jackson Pollack painting. One of our personal favorites was “Scribbles,” which took place at our waterside Bund gallery on Thursday, July 9th. This exhibition took much of its inspiration from Rorschach inkblots and abstract art, presenting (arguably) Liu Dao’s most abstract collection of work to date. Coincidentally, our wine sponsor for the opening evening’s debauchery, Summergate Wines, served one of their fabulous red wines known as the “Scribbler”. It was an invite-only, dress-to-impress affair and you didn’t happen to make the event you can always live vicariously through our guests by watching the video documentation.

Hopefully you didn’t have to live vicariously through someone else to find out about “Guts” which opened to a packed house on Tuesday, June 9th in our Hong Kong space. This exhibition examined what it means to have “guts” in a fast-paced digital world. There were plenty of fast-paced digital artworks and well-dressed wine-lovers in attendance who got all they could’ve hoped for from us, as well as our incredible sponsor Corks wine. The show ran until August and if you didn’t get a chance to visit you can have a look-see at our video documentation of the opening, edited by island6 videographer Irmantas Bortnikas, island6’s Lithuanian dynamo with some serious video chops.


We’d be remiss not to give a huge thanks to our friends at City Weekend Shanghai who nominated us for “Best Art Gallery” for their 2015 City Weekend Readers Choice awards. We’d be even more remiss not to give an even bigger thanks to everyone who voted because it turns out we won the damn thing! Come see us at our Main gallery space in Shanghai and you can get a glimpse of the award hanging proudly on our wall.

Speaking of our Main gallery space in M50, this past spring saw “Mercedes with Benefits” roll in and rock the walls there with a car/sex themed exhibition that opened Saturday, May 23rd,. It was an invite-only event sponsored by the incredible wines of Le Sommelier. Lovers of wine, cars, and sex united to drink wine and talk about cars and…well you get the idea. It was a packed house with great food, music and drinks and there’s even some video evidence if you don’t believe us!

We aren’t all tasteless sex-jokes and booze though. No, this June island6 trekked out to steamy, sultry Bangkok and donated a piece to auction for Thailand Red Cross Society. In a celeb-studded gala dinner at the Anantara Siam Hotel that even HRH Princess Soamsawali of Thailand attended (not to brag but she’s a big fan) “Gold Dust and Dirt Roads” was auctioned off for a hefty sum. As much as we were tempted to take the profits to the casino, the proceeds all went to charity. Also in the realm of charity, on September 5th and 6th the Liu Dao collective proudly took part in Art International Istanbul 2015, held at the Halic Congress Center. “I am a Hustler Baby” and “Flitting Genies” were displayed via our partners at Opera Gallery Dubai and in conjunction with START, a wonderful non-profit organization that helps refugee children around the world. The Liu Dao collective is happy to announce that these works together fetched almost 100k USD that START will be able to use to further the cause of child rights throughout the globe. If we end up in purgatory someday we’ll at least have this stuff going for us!

One other show we’ve had since our last newsletter: “Between Red Queens” went about as swimmingly as we could’ve hoped on Friday, May 8th.  The wheels were heavily greased with wines provided by our lovely Chilean sponsor 17°56°. The Liu Dao collective took a tongue-in-cheek look at the quiet forces of evolution along with how and why the competition shapes us and our environment. The Global Times even thought it was interesting enough to do a full-page story about it accompanied by an interview with curator Ryan Nimmo. Don’t take their word for it though (or ours for that matter) you can see everything with your own eyeballs by watching the video re-cap of the event.

"Scribbles" "Guts" "Mercedes with Benefits" "Between Red Queens" "Art Central Hong Kong" "Asia+/First Open" "Neuro-Rhumba"

One last thing…

As far as new islanders go, we've had a stable of summer interns come and (mostly) go. They’ve contributed a lot to the cause, for example, Mallory Walker was our all-American girl and budding Pinterest wizard. Edward Cui spent a couple of months as our in-house Asian American photography expert. Steve Axel is just some guy that came in and wanted to take things apart and put them back together (we said yes). Our steamy Hong Kong locale has seen quite a bit of action as interns Nicole Leung and Alexis Tong have both come and gone. We’re also sad to announce that our Hong Kong gallery manager Eden Gibbs has left us! However, we’re thrilled that the reason for her departure was a beautiful little baby girl that she gave birth to so a big congrats to her! Her replacement is the dynamic Charlie Cheung and we’re very much looking forward to ruthlessly exploiting all of her many talents. We’ve also gone and added a painter to the collective, Song Jinxuan 宋堇萱 has been adding her signature oil style to the mix with works like “I, Myself” and “Unsmittenly Written”. They’ve all been great additions to the team and have figured out how to work in a wonderful harmony together.

Speaking of harmonies…for the sake of sparing readers to an abundance of redundancy we’ve omitted the mention of David Poppell through most of this newsletter. It should very much be noted though that our dynamic sound designer made original 30 minute scores for almost all of the above mentioned shows (as well as original music for the video documentations and all of the sound-interactive artworks). He has recently moved on to other pastures but you can hear all of these amazing ear-orgasm-inducing, mind-melting, electronic wizardry displays of musical talent on our Soundcloud, and Bandcamp pages, as well as on each exhibition’s credits page.


Of course you know those websites aren’t the only ways to keep track of your favorite collective. Our Instagram profile pulls in new followers every day, so you’d best catch up! If you snap a shot you want us to see, slap on a #island6 and share with the world. You can always peruse our profiles on Flickr, YouTube, and Vimeo to see Liu Dao’s newest creations flickering across your screen. Explore a curation of the wild, weird, and whimsical world behind island6 on our Tumblr, and share the Liu Dao love by pinning from our eclectic Pinterest boards. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, friend us on Facebook, and connect with us on LinkedIn. To delve further into the collective mind behind island6, scroll through our blog, where we ruminate on art, Shanghai, and all subjects in between.

We’d love to see your faces anytime of day (as long as it’s during working hours, I mean Jesus don’t just wake us up in the middle of the night). Stop by one of our three Shanghai locations (1 2 3), get a calf-muscle work-out on the Sheung Wan hills while visiting us in Hong Kong, or dock that big-ass yacht in Phuket while you visit us in the marina. Thanks for taking the time to read all about what’s been going on with us! There will be plenty more to come so, as always, stay on the lookout!


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